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Moza Saracho


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My artistic training comes both from my academic studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and at New York University and from the prolific exploration of materials and techniques that I had access to during my career as a set designer and costume designer in film. New York theater, opera and ballet. My current interest in painting and abstract art began during the artistic residency that I carried out in the studio of the painter Willem de Kooning. This experience led to an installation that sought to use pictorial tools to carry out exercises in deconstruction of my perception of reality and in this specific case of my dreams and the mirror, an element with which I worked in my first projects. As a result of this, the notion of what I call molecular art arises, in which I seek to abstract the primordial structure of a work of art: its molecules. My life experience has always been crossed by shapes, textures and colors despite or perhaps precisely because of a visual dyslexia that I have had since I was a child. My current research seeks to take advantage of this condition for a reading of reality that extracts the visual grammar that composes it. I think that it is through these molecules that play with my vision and these decomposition exercises that I can relate and engage in a critical dialogue with the world. The first exercises drew on my classical and western education in art history and I chose to analyze historical emblematic pieces. My return to Mexico has led me to explore other types of genealogies. I find myself at a time when I would like to pause to complicate and contextualize the question that accompanies my work.


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